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  About Congregation Ohav Zedek  

We offer Shabbat and festival services. Our religious services are conducted according to traditional Orthodox halacha (Jewish law). We use the Artscroll Ashkenaz siddur as our standard, but Nusach Sefard and Nusach Ari siddurim are also available. There are extra tallitot (prayer shawls), tefillin, and even gartels available.

  Places of Worship

The main shul, pictures of which are on the home page of this website, is open and maintains services all year round. For evening Shabbat and holiday services, the minyan is held at the JCC in Kingston (613 S.J. Strauss Ln.) to accommodate those who walk at night. See our schedule on the right for current minyan locations.

  Mikvah - Kashrut - Eruv

The Vaad Hakashrut of Luzerne County oversees the Mikvah and the Eruv. The JCC in Kingston (613 SJ Strauss Lane) is under Vaad supervision and serves lunch every day (except Shabbat and Yom Tov). The local supermarket Market32 (Edwardsville) has a kosher aisle and special refrigerated section for kosher meat, and poultry.

Note: The Eruv for the Kingston community does not yet include the JCC, but will be extended in the future.

  Torah Study

The rabbi and members of the congregation lead classes early at different times, and more are on the way. We are non-judgmental and inviting to all who would like to engage in Judaism at any level. There is a Talmud class every weekday morning prior to services, and most evenings between Mincha and Maariv (afternoon and evening services) we study practical laws of Judaism. Questions, inquiries, and challenges are encouraged and lively interaction is the norm.

There is also a weekly �Lunch and Learn� with Rabbi Kaplan at the JCC. As its name indicates, you can order lunch and learn while you eat. Issues related to the weekly portion are the usual fare, but topics from Jewish History through biblical grammar are covered as well. There are other classes during the week. Please call for details.

  Shabbat in Our Community

We welcome you to experience Shabbat in our community. Accommodations are available in both Wilkes-Barre and Kingston. Those wishing home hospitality can be housed with members of our community who are extraordinarily hospitable and inviting.

There are also �Bed & Breakfast� establishments near the shul. They are historic buildings that have been exquisitely renovated and are well rated. (The food served is not under any kashrut supervision.) There is also Genetti�s, a Best Western Hotel, that is located downtown, approximately a five to ten minute walk from the synagogue. They can assist you with the electronic doorlock, if you make prior arrangements.

  We'd Love to Speak With You
For more information and to arrange a visit, please call the synagogue office at 570-825-6619 or email Sara. We look forward to discussing with you how we can be of assistance.

    Candle Lighting    8:13 PM   
    Fri. Mincha/Maariv (JCC)    7:30 PM   
    Shabbat Shacharit (OZ)    9:00 PM   
    Shabbat Mincha (JCC)    8:00 PM   
    Maariv/Shabbat Ends    9:27 PM   
    Mon./Wed. Mincha/Maariv (OZ)    7:30 PM   
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